In order to fully appreciate a piece of art, you must step back and view the full image to feel the intentions of the artist.  Whether it’s a completed work or live painting, being present helps you understand the theme of what’s being depicted.  Each aspect of creation has its own unique experience:

  • Process of painting a canvas or mural

  • Creating in the moment 

  • Letting the art develop from within 

  • Viewing the art in exhibition after completion

As an artist based in NYC, I have access to many exciting events where fans and the curious alike can watch these processes as they come. Art battles, paint nights, and gallery showings are  just a few of the various opportunities one has if they’d like to be embedded in the painting sphere. Below are upcoming events that you can find me at.

A couple of my pieces are currently featured on Still Point Art Gallery exhibition May 1 – July 31. So humbled to be featured among some incredibly talented artists.  My canvases shown in the online exhibition are portraits I painted of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Notorious B.I.G., two icons who have inspired me immensely. Click the link button below to see the full exhibition.


Thank you Multicultural Echoes for showing my work in the 10th anniversary publication at CSU Chico. “The ANJL in the Sumatran Tiger” was a mural I painted last year in Rincón, Puerto Rico, to bring about the awareness of the Sumatran tiger population. It was an amazing week of murals created by artists organized with @arte_o_muerte, this one was created at the only indoor skate park in Rincon, @patineteropr.
The Sumatran tiger was listed as Critically Endangered in 2008. Poaching and expansion of plantations are major threats to these tigers. Conservation efforts have been made in Indonesia to double the number of wild tigers by 2020. Click the link button below to see the digital copy of the edition.


I will be painting a gate for Vincent’s Barber Shop in Staten Island, as commissioned by @NYCArtsCypher.  Click the link button below for more information on NYCArtsCypher.